Digital Adoption Grants in Canada

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$15,000 Grant for Digital Adoption Plan

Up to $100,000 in Interest-Free Funding

$7,300 Wage Subsidy

$15,000 Grant
Towards the development of your Digital Adoption Plan with an approved advisor.

Interest-Free Loan
Up to $100K toward implementation and execution of your Adoption Plan

$7,300 Wage Subsidy
Towards hiring youth work to help with Digital Adoption

We will connected you with an approved advisor for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). CDAP is a government program that helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) use digital tools to improve their success in the market. Qualified businesses can get a loan with 0% interest up to $100,000, and a grant of $15,000 to have a digital adoption plan created by a Digital Advisor. You also get support on how to put that plan into action.

This can help you boost your online marketing, make your sales process smoother, improve how you connect with customers, bring your team together, and give you useful data about your business.

Our Advisor's team has helped companies like Freshbooks, Shopify, and MLSE grow online.

Signing up starts with an online test called a digital needs assessment (DNA). This looks at the strengths and weaknesses of your business in areas like strategy, business model, products, customer service, operations, technology, organization, and online security. The DNA helps show where your business is now, and what steps to take next.

Get in touch to learn how we can help your business apply for the CDAP program and start your digital growth journey.

How It Works

Step 1:
Check Your Eligibility Online

Step 2:
Advisor Creates Digital Adoption Plan

Step 3:
Apply For Interest - Free Loan And Wage Subsidy

our team has worked with

our digital advisor

Muneer Nawab (Crowdlinker Inc)
is a approved Digital Advisor with the Canada Digital Adoption Program, appointed by the Canadian Federal Government. He is also the Founder and President of Crowdlinker, a multiple 7-figure digital product studio in Toronto. He is an expert in scaling companies through digital marketing and digital product development.

Eligibility Requirements

Incorporated at the national or provincial level; or be a Canadian resident sole proprietor.

Privately-owned for-profit entity.

1 to 499 full time equivalent employees (ideally on payroll).

At least $500,000 and not more than $100 million in revenue in one (1) of the past three (3) tax years.

Our Partners


Direct Coops

Direct Coops leverages technology to unite the buying power of 20,000 small and medium-sized businesses within its network, enabling them to achieve purchasing efficiencies that match those of larger competitors. The Direct Co-operative initiative uses the Direct Global platform to network and unite the buying power of member-based associations and co-operatives, bringing purchasing power and efficient shipping to participants of all sizes and sectors. Direct Global is also the Canadian strategic partner to the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council and an exclusive ecommerce platform to the US Pacific Rim Chamber of Commerce.



A leading technology solution company dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital age. We specialize in delivering innovative and customized technology solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage. With a team of talented experts and a passion for innovation, we empower businesses to embrace digital transformation and unlock their full potential.


Alina Lapteva

Alina Lapteva is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience in various industries, including founding and managing Your Lifestyle Cleaning, a leading cleaning company in Downtown Toronto. As a business owner and dedicated professional, she understands the value of driving digital initiatives and securing funding through the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) With a track record of launching successful businesses, Alina has demonstrated her ability to grow and manage thriving enterprises, including Your Lifestyle Group Inc. and Versus Coffee. Alina's unwavering dedication to success is evident in her numerous achievements, such as being a Champion of Russia in Speed Skating, an Honours graduate from York University, and an active and supportive mother. Her extensive entrepreneurial background makes her an invaluable resource for companies seeking CDAP funding. By referring businesses interested in CDAP, Alina is committed to helping secure the funding necessary for successful digital initiatives. We are thrilled to have Alina on our team, and her experience and expertise will undoubtedly be an asset for businesses looking to grow in the digital age.


Are you Ready to Scale Your Business Digitally?

Use the grant to get a custom digital adoption plan covering three focus areas, for example how to:


Update an outdated website, build your e-commerce platform, or just improve your users' experience.

Social Media

Transform your social media efforts into a true platform for engaging with your followers and driving new leads.


Maximize the ability for customers to find your business online with a strong SEO and Pay-Per-Click program.


Drive more sales and keep your clients informed by automating your email communication efforts.


Install a Customer Relationship Management system to manage your sales funnel and better serve your clients.

Online Advertising

Build a plan and get ready to level up your online advertising program to drive more leads and sales for your business.


Maximize your productivity with the latest technology and tools.

E Commerce

Create a modern online storefront and sell goods or services online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDAP?

CDAP stands for Canadian Digital Adoption Plan and it is a government-funded program aimed at helping Canadian businesses adopt and integrate digital technologies into their operations.

How can I access the grant?

The Government of Canada will reimburse you for up to 90 percent of eligible expenses, up to $15,000. Once Our Team has completed work on your digital adoption plan, you will submit the relevant invoices to receive your grant payment.

Can I apply the grant funds towards implementation services?

No. The Boost Your Business Technology grant is intended to assess your digital maturity and opportunities to increase your competitiveness through digital transformation. Eligible costs are limited to those involved with creating your digital adoption plan.

What will I receive with my Digital Adoption Plan?

Your digital adoption plan is a comprehensive assessment of the opportunities to improve your business by leveraging modern hardware and platforms. Specific deliverables you will receive from Our Team include :

Current state analysis

Post-transformation capability report

Summary of proposed digital solutions, including a cost/benefit analysis of your top three options and high-level requirements

Near- and long-term digital strategy

Can Our Team implement or execute my adoption plan?

Absolutely! While you can have your plan implemented by any vendor you choose, by the time you have completed your plan with us, we will have an intimate awareness of the needs of your business. Having already formed a deep understanding of your transformation needs, engaging our creative team will make for a seamless transition from planning to execution.

Is there a deadline to apply?

When CDAP was launched in March 2022, it was scheduled to support SMEs for 3 years. However, all grants are first come, first served and can be changed or removed at any time. Reach out to get started and secure your $15,000 digital adoption grant asap. And access to a 0% loan for up to $100,000.

Is there a cost to apply for the grant?

We will assist with the grant application process at no cost. However, if you choose us as your digital advisor, there will be a fee charged to your business to develop your Digital Adoption Plan. This fee will be reimbursed by CDAP at 90% up to $15,000, meaning you will only pay 10% of the final cost (up to $1,666) out of pocket. Speak with us for more details on how this works.

What businesses are eligible?

The Canada Digital Adoption Program – Grow Your Business Online is open to for-profit businesses (including for-profit social enterprises and cooperatives) that are registered or incorporated, consumer-facing, accessible by customers or provide in-person services, and have a minimum of one employee. The recipients must also commit to maintain the digital adoption strategy for 6 months post-intervention and consent to participate in follow-up surveys, have their information shared with the Government of Canada (ISED and Statistics Canada), and have their business name published as a recipient of funding.

What is the journey of going through the CDAP program?

The process starts with an online digital needs assessment (DNA) that assesses the business's strengths and weaknesses in various areas such as strategy, business model, customer experience, technology, and cybersecurity. Eligible businesses that complete the DNA will be pre-approved for a grant covering up to 90% of the cost of their Digital Adoption Plan, up to $15,000. The eligible business will then have access to the digital advisor marketplace to find a suitable digital advisor to develop the plan. Once the plan is developed and accepted, the grant will be issued, and the business will be eligible for a zero-interest loan from BDC and a subsidized youth work placement to implement their plan.

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Additional Notes

Relationship: AmpGrowth is not affiliated with or representing the Government of Canada/ISED. We are an independent entity. AmpGrowth is a division of Crowdset Inc. Our preferred Digital Advisor is Muneer Nawab of Crowdlinker Inc., an approved digital advisor with the CDAP Boost My Business program. Muneer Nawab and Crowdlinker Inc. do not represent themselves as an agent, partner, or employee of the Government of Canada.

Grant Usage: The $15,000 CDAP Boost My Business grant is exclusively for developing a digital adoption plan. It cannot be used for other services or products. The grant is a 90% matching up to a maximum of $15,000 which means that the client must pay at least 10% of the plan cost themselves. GST / HST are claimable as well.

BDC Loan: The BDC interest-free loan covers expenses directly related to the digital adoption plan.

Program Guidelines: For detailed program rules and uses, please review CDAP and BDC's official guidelines at ISED Canada.